Filming my Korean Beauty Routine for Sensitive Skin I am a big fan of the multi-step Korean Skincare Routine, otherwise known as K-Beauty Skincare.

Growing up, my mum would always press the importance of maintaining healthy and glowing skin. She would say that the skin is our most important organ and we should take good care of it. Not to mention, it is widely known that the best skincare in the world originates from Asia.

If you are not familiar already, the Korean (K-Beauty) Skincare Routine is a pretty extensive multi-step routine. In comparison to the Western skincare regime, Korean skincare places importance in the double cleansing of the skin.

Disclaimer: This blog post and video is done in partnership/sponsored by London Drugs and LD Beauty. That said, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Korean Skincare Routine involves a longer series of cleansing steps that uses both water and oil based products. The goal of the routine is to remove makeup, dirt, and pollutants that have gathered on the skin throughout the day. In addition, it is to prepare the skin to more effectively absorb all that skincare goodness!

demonstrating my korean skin care routine for sensitive skin

And don’t get me wrong! Having a skincare routine as extensive as this can take more time than usual AND can cost a bit more.

But it’s totally worth it!

Also, all the products used here are products that you can easily find at your local drugstore. I found all these products at London Drugs inCanada for reasonable prices! Quality > Quantity

I have pretty sensitive skin and tend to lean towards products that are gentler on the skin. Hence, this 8 Step Korean Skincare Routine is for you guys who like me, have sensitive and combination skin!

Just so you know, most Korean Beauty Skincare routines consist of 10 steps, but here is an 8 step routine that is equally as effective! I am using a combination of Korean and Japanese products (i.e: the best ones out there)

My 8 Step Korean Skincare Routine :


Step 1: Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil

 Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil Korean Skin Care Routine

I have just recently started using cleansing oils, and am obsessed. This feels so hydrating on my skin and you don’t need a lot! It does get oily, because well, it’s oil. Nonetheless, it does the trick!

Reasons why you should use cleaning oils:

Oil is great at catching oil.

Cleansing oils do a far better job at removing makeup and oil that is clogged in your pores in comparison to other cleansers.

Step 2: belif Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist

belif Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist Step 2 Korean Skincare Routine

Here comes the double cleansing!

After using the cleansing oil, I find that this works great at removing anything the oil didn’t manage to clean.

Step 2 in healthier and cleaner feeling skin!

Step 3: belif Mild and Effective Facial Scrub

Step 3: belif Mild and Effective Facial Scrub Korean Skincare Routine

Ah, I love this scrub SO MUCH.

I’ve used different facial scrubs in the past but it always feels so rough on my skin. You can use this by applying it on wet skin and massage it gently all over your face and neck.

This exfoliator is so gentle and smells great! I don’t use this everyday (and you shouldn’t). Exfoliate maybe 1-2 times a week!

Step 4: belif Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner

belif Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner Step 4 Korean Skin Care Routine

I love that I learn so much about skincare through my job!

Belif it or not (see what I did there), I have never used a toner until NOW.

I know.

But in case you’re just like me and have no idea what a Toner does. Toners help to balance your skin, create even skin tones and moisturizes/nourishes. And no, you’re not supposed to wash it off. Just apply a bit on a cotton pad and pat it all over your face and neck!

Step 5: Shiseido Eudermine Revitalizing Essence

Step 5: Shiseido Eudermine Revitalizing Essence Korean Skincare Routine

This makes you feel fancy af.

The Shiseido Revitalizing Essence is a star product in Japan!

I drop a couple drops on a cotton pad and pat it gently all over my face and neck. The essence works to intensely soften and hydrate the skin. You would apply it before creams.

Step 6: belif Moisturizing and Firming Eye Cream

Step 6: belif Moisturizing and Firming Eye Cream Korean Skincare Routine

Light, hydrating, cooling!

I’ve made sure that eye creams are ALWAYS part of my skincare routine. Especially since I started to get really dry and itchy eczema on my eyelids during season changes.

This has definitely helped with that, and any puffiness I have the night before!

Step 7: belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb

Step 7: belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb Korean Skincare Routine

The next step of my Korean Skincare routine is with this beauty of an aqua bomb! It is light weight, and creamy and adds that one last layer of hydration on the skin.

You can expect to feel VERY clean and hydrated after completing these steps. Not to mention, pretty shiny. But that’s why it’s the perfect night time regime, because you head to bed and let the magic happen.

Literally wake up saying ‘I woke up like this’

Step 8: Shiseido Ibuki Protective Moisturizer SPF 18

Step 8: Shiseido Ibuki Protective Moisturizer SPF 18 Korean Skincare Routine

I have neglected SPF for far too long. I do love using this moisturizer as part of my daytime skincare routine. It’s light, has a fragrance to it but isn’t too overpowering.

Plus, the more important part, is that it has SPF to protect your skin from the UV rays.

PS: I would advise using this for your day time routine!

Don’t worry guys! I totally get it!

I too, have a busy schedule and can’t commit to doing an 8 to 10 step routine every night. Most times, I just want to wash my face with a cleanser and be done with it.

That said, this is a great skincare routine to treat yourself with every once or twice a week if you’re just starting out!

I hope you enjoy the post and video!

Let me know what your skincare routine looks like- I’d love to know!

Watch my K-Beauty Cleansing Video on the London Drugs YouTube Channel

Till next time Samsational babes,



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