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In the winter months, my skin starts to feel increasingly dry, itchy and scaly. I like to switch up my skincare routine to keep my skin moisturized and supple even when I need that big parka.


So if you’re suffering from dry skin too, I have 5 Winter Skincare Survival Tips just for you:


Wear & Buy Soft Clothing

Thinking about Winter Skincare Routine in chilly weather

When my skin gets dry, it also gets sensitive.


Winter is prime time for cozy items like scarves and sweaters to keep warm. I like to pick items that tend to be on the softer side so my skin doesn’t get irritated.


I also practice the art of layering my clothes.


I tend to wear a soft camisole underneath my sweaters to make them less itchy. It keeps my body protected but won’t make my dry skin uncomfortable.


I mean, what’s better than wearing a sweater that feelings like a blanket?


Be sure to Moisturize and Hydrate your Skin

Getting warm for winter with my Winter Skincare Routine

I always use good quality moisturizers with ingredients like Shea Butter and Vitamin E to give my dry skin that extra boost it needs.


When buying moisturizers, look for ingredients that will penetrate your skin’s layers so you stay supple all day long.


A rule of thumb is to moisturize right before I go to bed and right after I shower. Your body absorbs nutrients fast and effectively after a shower. Plus, has lovely as it is to take hot baths, hot water actually dries your skin out.  


I also like to keep water at my desk to stay hydrated from the inside out.


Another great way to give your skin that boost of moisture is doing a face masks or skin treatments. You can buy some amazing brands at the drugstore. My favourite faces masks for hydration is Neutrogena Hydro Boost and Garnier’s Moisture Bomb. If you want something fancier, I love Laneige Sleeping Face Mask.


If you want to go a more natural, DIY route, there are a ton of recipes online. Some common face masks are honey masks, egg & olive oil masks and avocado masks. 


Also, in case you missed it, here is my Winter Skincare Segment on Breakfast Television Vancouver:

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How does Samantha Sito keep her skin hydrated in the winter? She gives us her top tips to help us maintain healthy skin with help from Jergens Canada. Check it out!

Posted by Breakfast Television & CityNews Vancouver on Selasa, 27 November 2018


Add A Serum to Your Skincare Routine

One thing I include in my winter skincare routine that has helped my dry skin are face serums!

Staying warm with my puffer jacket and Winter Skincare Routine

Serums are not as thick as your typical moisturizer so they can go deeper into the layers of your skin. Different serums work differently depending on your skin type so be sure to do some research beforehand.



Use Gentle Exfoliators and Cleansers

Exfoliators, toners and cleansers work wonders for your skin. And not just during the winter months!

My sensitive skin gets easily irritated and I find that with the right exfoliator and cleanser, my skin is cleaner and more balanced.

My bag that I use to keep my Winter Skincare Routine products

I like to switch up my usual exfoliant for something soft and natural. I currently use the Belif Cleanser which I talk more in depth about in my Korean Skincare Routine and it’s amazing!


Oatmeal is a great ingredient that I look out for as well. Oatmeal is good for soothing irritated skin. I try my best not to scrub too hard when exfoliating and you should only do so 1-2 times a week!


A good night’s sleep and exercise!

Thinking about a good night's sleep too boost my winter skincare


A good night’s sleep can solve anything.


Sleep is a key part of my winter skincare routine!


My skin always feels dull and dry when I don’t get enough sleep. Skin, especially in the harsh winters needs time to rest and repair.


Friday nights are usually the time where I use overnight moisturizing masks and try to hit the hay earlier than usual! I love waking up feeling refreshed and that shows on my skin as well. Sleep is not only important for your skin, but also your general health!




So this winter season don’t just treat yourself, treat your skin too!


I hope these tips help you combat find your perfect winter skincare routine.


Say no to dry skin!


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