Boxing Day 2018 = The Canadian Black Friday!

Even if you’re sitting with your feet up holding a glass of champagne, chances are you are thinking about hitting those sales tomorrow!


I’ve shopped quite a few Boxing Days and it can get overwhelming with all the different deals both online and off!


Here are some of my best tips to shopping on Boxing Day:  


Check out what you have already


Take the time to peek in your closet or tech collection


When getting thrown deals left and right you want to make sure you stay focused on the deals for what you NEED.


See what you already have a lot of or what you already got for Christmas. Then take a look at items you need to replace. You probably don’t need 5 additional black shirts!


Do your Boxing Day Deals Research

You know all those newsletters we sign up for?


Now’s the time to open up that Promotions folder!


Take a look at your favourite brands and mark down the sales that catch your eye. If it’s a big door crasher or a limited time offer, make sure you mark that one as a priority and get it out of the way come Boxing Day.


Online vs In-store Shopping


Now this is where your research comes in handy!


A lot of people opt to shop online now instead of braving the crowds on Boxing Day. Many deals just take a simple click and it shows up at your door in a couple days.


But don’t forget about In-Store deals too! While not as easy, sometimes those big door busters are worth it especially for those big ticket items like electronics (Best Buy is having some great Boxing Deals on their website now!) 


Stay Up Late the night before Boxing Day

While many stores don’t open until 8am, many online Boxing Day Sales start right at midnight.


So grab an after-dinner cup of coffee with a fully charged laptop.


Even if that giant turkey dinner makes you sleepy, at least you’ll be prepared to grab your deals.


Dress Comfortably for Shopping


If you’re eying something in-store, you’ll want to make sure you get in and out.


When it comes to clothing, I always try to dress in a comfortable outfit with layers. Having a tank top underneath my sweater means I can easily try stuff on without having to run over to the changing rooms every time.


In addition, think about wearing a bum bag or something you can easily sling over your shoulders. That way, your hands are free and empty!


Shop with a Friend


The holidays is all about family and friends and Boxing day is no different! Save on shipping by getting a group of friends together to make the minimum free shipping requirement.


And in-stores, you’ll have a second pair of eyes helping to find just the shoes you were looking for.


Plus, it’s great to feel like you aren’t alone in all the craziness.


That said, try and stick to a small group or just bring your best shopping partner!


Check the Return Policy


Lastly, check the return policies for Boxing Day Items!


Many stores are still flexible with their returns so if you aren’t sure, just grab it and return later.


It prevents that shopping FOMO. If it does end up being final sale, make sure this is exactly what you’re looking for before you press check out.


Well there you go!

I hope these Boxing Day tips help you out while you hunt for those deals tomorrow!


Happy Holidays!

xoxo Sam



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