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Home » Tips on Packing for a Tropical Vacation for Fashion Bloggers ft. Saks OFF 5TH

Weeks prior to my exciting girls’ blogger trip to Hawaii, I was browsing the depths of the internet searching for any tips to packing for a vacation to Hawaii as a blogger, and to no avail. I definitely did find some general packing tips on packing light, but this unfortunately didn’t apply to us girls who were going to one of the world’s most beautiful destinations to well, take multiple photos of our various outfits (work & play situation that most bloggers who travel are accustomed to).

As much as I love going on vacations, packing is the bane of my existence, so here is my personalized tips to packing for a tropical vacation as fashion bloggers, featuring this look from Saks OFF 5TH.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Saks OFF 5TH. That said, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

OOTD Packing Tip for Vacation #1

Pack looks that would work firstly for practicality, and then style.

A common pitfall is that I tend to think only about style when packing for a vacation. After much trial and error, I thought long and hard about the likelihood of me actually wearing the outfits I was packing throughout the day.

I definitely recommend packing outfits that are cute but realistic to wear day to day, and especially if you forsee yourself walking a lot and sweating. There was a point during packing that I was contemplating long silk dresses but I’m glad I stopped myself because there was noooo way I would’ve actually worn it out because it was SO HOT.

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion, they can both go hand in hand.

This dress I got from Saks OFF 5TH is so fun yet breathable. I fell in love first with the print –it’s so summery! But what sold me on it was the thin, but quality fabric and the fact that it isn’t just a vacation dress- I could wear it to work too!

OOTD Packing Tip for Vacation #2

You don’t need that many shoes.

When I first started packing, I was aiming for 4 pairs of shoes- flip flops for the pool/beach, heels for the luau, slip-ons for walking and sneakers for hiking. Obviously with my multitude of outfits, these shoes DID NOT fit in my carry on, and I was determined to not check in any bags so I was forced to choose.

Thankfully so, because throughout the whole trip, I basically just needed my flip flops, sneakers (that I wore on the plane so it saved room) and these cuteeeee wedges by UGG from Saks OFF 5TH. I bought these because they were beyond comfy and I actually wore them for many of our Hawaii walks throughout the day. Saks OFF 5TH has such a variety of summer/travel shoes, I wanted them all!

Shoes are something that I place more emphasis on the practicality of instead of bringing cute shoes that hurt because you can’t really have fun when you’re in pain. Also, for you fellow fashion bloggers out there, I found that most of my outfit shots were knee up and close ups, and even if you’re going for a full body shot, pick shoes that are versatile enough to go with most of your looks- it is a true space saver.

OOTD Packing Tip for Vacation #3

Always roll your clothes and leave room for additional buys. Oh, and bring a sweater for the plane ride.

So fun story, I had to repack my luggage prior to the flight back about 4 times and bought an additional giant backpack because my things would not fit. I also had to last minute shop for a sweater because the plane ride heading to Hawaii was brutally freezing and even though I was heading to a tropical destination, plane was like ‘uh uh we gona make you wish you were there immediately’.

Here’s how you can avoid the unnecessary packing stress prior to heading home:

  • Pack a sweater/scarf/hoodie for the plane rides
  • Don’t pack your carry on luggage to the brim, you never know what or how big the souvenirs you’re bringing home will be.
  • If you shop, keep in mind the size and fit of your luggage as you shop and not after
  • Giant backpacks will be your saving grace- definitely bringing mine on all flights from now on

Hope these tips help you in some way during packing -I wish I had something like this to guide me through but I’ll be sure to share any additional tips I have in future posts! Hawaii was INCREDIBLE and it was my first time- we went to Honolulu and I already have Maui on my bucket list next!

Love my look? Find more stuff for your Summer and travel needs from Saks OFF 5TH HERE . There are also Saks OFF 5TH locations at Park Royal Shopping Centre and Tsawwassen Mills.

Have any tips of your own? Let me know in the comments below! I also recently downsized my closet because I kept feeling like I had nothing to wear. If you are looking to make your closet work for you see my journey here




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