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I’m on my way with the dream team to Vegas with Eyestar Optical! We’re staying in the beautiful Palazzo Las Vegas and I am beaming with excitement because it’s going to be my first time there! Bye bye Vegas Virginity!

As much as I love the excitement of going somewhere new, I always get pre-flight anxiety! If you’ve watched my Insta-stories, you’d probably have heard me say that I’m not the biggest fan of packing. It takes a whole lot of cognitive energy trying to piece together 5-7 different outfit changes when you’re also shooting content during your travels!

Here are some tips of what I’ve found helpful for you to optimize the effectiveness of packing, and to make sure you don’t forget anything for your travels!

  1. Roll your Clothes 

One of my favourite tips for packing is to roll your clothes! I used to just fold them but then I discovered the miracle of rolling! By rolling your clothes, you save space, and I’ve found that it keeps your clothes from being wrinkled. I like to position my rolled clothes around the bag to provide cushion for items that need protection from the constant movement of the bag during flight.

As a travelling blogger, packing also constitutes an extended wardrobe. I try my best to write out what looks I’m aiming for and thinking ahead of potential backdrops to photograph. From that point, I start piecing my wardrobe together, and try to cross x wear clothing such as shorts and tank tops so that I don’t overpack.

Ps: If you’re bringing a hat (which can take up space), be sure to roll your smaller items and use the inner rounded indent to place them in to optimize space in your carry-on!

  1. Write a Checklist

It’s the best way to make sure you don’t forget anything important and that you have something to refer to when you have multiple things to think about! I made a special checklist with room for you to write without the confine of lines (I hate lines), and you can download it for FREE! 

The Samsational Vegas Travel Checklist

3. Double check and triple check your items 

I usually stick to a routine of checking, double checking and triple checking before my travels- especially with travel documentation. Being sure doesn’t hurt and can sure save you some un-welcomed surprises at check-in.

4. Compartmentalize your items

In addition to clothing and essentials, I also pack certain medication with me for my allergies, Advil for headaches,  the works. It helps to have tiny pouches inside your carry-on that you can identify immediately when you’re looking for something!

5. Prepare all the essentials before your trip

I’m a strong believer in being prepared for most situations. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, I make sure that my bank is informed of my travels, that I have checked any changes in flight status, that my phone bill is paid and the phone plan includes roaming if needed. As well, it’s important to let your loved ones know where you’ll be travelling to and what your flights are.

I’ll be sharing my adventures while in Vegas so be sure to tune in to my Insta-stories! Viva Las Vegas! #TravelWithSam

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