It’s like watching life from a bird’s eye view, seeing the world as it progresses but knowing how it ends. It’s like finding appreciation and opportunity in every difficulty. 

Life Outside The Box by Marilyn Wilson isn’t a self- help book. It’s not a book you pick up so you feel less terrible about your life or when you feel like everything is going awry. Nope.

It’s a collection of stories, and with each story recorded, is a celebration of life. Marilyn manages to capture and draw the readers in, where it almost feels like you know each individual written about on a personal level. You get drawn in to their lives and learn to pay attention to the details that help shape yours.

I think that’s one of the most powerful things. When you read about someone else’s life, you start to appreciate life. Not only each of the characters, but your own as well. Why? Because its easy to focus on a goal and not appreciate the journey of getting there. It becomes easy to compare yourself to other people and forget the progress that you’ve made as opposed to watching and envying someone elses.

This book takes you out of this box-like mentality and when you are able to see how beautiful the progression of life is and how unpredictable it can be, it’s all worth the while. What I found most inspiring is how the tiny, almost insignificant experiences we go through, add up to be just what we need when our purpose arises.

Filled with stories of icons in each of their fields, these stories are captured beautifully by Marilyn to show us that even the worst in life can’t break a strong will to succeed.

Marilyn’s strong love for stories and relaying that in a way that relates to readers is captivating and this is a great, easy read for chill nights in!

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