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Home ┬╗ 24 Late Night Thoughts Before Turning 24

top 20 tips

1. I wonder if I’ll grow a tiny bit taller tomorrow

2. Turning another year older, I’m grateful for the friends I still have all over the globe

3. Having a huge chunk of friends in Asia’s like I’ve got two birthdays

4. Should I exercise tomorrow?

5. I’ve been slacking on work the past 5 days

6. Wait, I’ve been celebrating for 5 days

7. No wonder people are confused.

8. Which balloon picture should I post on Instagram in the A.M

9. Dear wardrobe, is there anything that screams ‘It’s my birthday?’

10. I should probably answer those Instagram questions (#AskSam24)

11. To @wendyvazzy- There was no fashion moment that kick started my blog/Instagram, it was the dream to start something I could call my own and have a creative space to learn and grow

12. To @anniemaedesign – My favourite summer trend are chokers! Eventhough I actually currently do not own a choker. They’re really cute though

13. To @stylehue – I started my blog because I was new to Canada and prior to coming to Canada for school, I told myself that I wanted to start a blog (with no excuses). Initially the blog was to act as an acting portfolio but it grew into a fashion & events blog where doors opened to meet amazing people and now is a platform for new opportunities!

14. Thank you God that I’m more than alive turning 24. Dreams are still burning strong, and I still look like I’m 16. umm.

15. It’s 12 am and I’m hungry

16. Maybe I should deflate my 6 feet Swan float that”s currently at my bed side

17. Nah.

18. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve accomplished and will accomplish

19. When I turn 24 (tomorrow), I’m going to do 20 sit ups instead of 15

20. I talk to myself alot. wow.

21. I should probably sleep since I gotta wake up at 7 tomorrow.

22. What will people think when they read this?

23. That I’m crazy I suppose

24. But it’s the crazies who write the rules ­čśë


Probably not the most intelligent flow of thoughts but I’m feeling 24.┬á


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