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YouTube Channel Relaunch #SamSitoTV : New videos weekly on THURSDAYS (PST) with brand new content – celebrity interviews, Vlogs, Travel videos and shorts! 


I’ve done a fair bit of teasing about my YouTube channel relaunch through Snapchat and Insta-story (anyone else find it annoying that you take the same thing twice?)! The day is finally here! Woo- to the Hoo!

Bloggers tend to have ‘relaunches’ every now and again. What does that even mean?

I suppose it could mean a variety of things from relaunching the look of the website, redesigning the images and visual content, relaunching the theme or vision of a blog- OR it could mean pressing the relaunch button in your mind!

I’ve found relaunches refreshing. It’s like a restart button without actually starting again from ground zero.

A good friend of mine said that- ‘One thing harder and more nerve wrecking than posting your first blog post, is posting your first vlog’.

I forced myself early this year to take video-making more seriously and in less than a year, video content has sort of evolved into my bread and butter, so here it is folks, a new relaunch of my brand with a solid YouTube addition.

I’ve got a new take on the celebrity interviews that I do, plus some Vlogs and Travel videos coming up. New content every Thursday (yes, wow, weekly). It would mean the world and more if you could wiggle those thumbs and subscribe to my channel. 

PS: New Celeb Interview-Video Up Today, check it out

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