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‘Storytelling and History are not the Same’


A story can be used to inspire, motivate, and trigger a powerful emotional response. A response to stir change, in the world or within yourself.


One of those powerful videos include the latest release from local Storytelling Agency, ECHO Storytelling. I sat down with founder, Samantha Reynolds to have a glimpse of what goes on in the mind of a storyteller and in a company where everyone works to bring your stories to life!

With Mothers’ Day fast approaching, ECHO released a touching, tear jerking video asking the question #WhatWillYouSay.. to your mum.

A simple idea with a powerful response. When I asked Samantha if the cast and flow of emotional reaction was something pre-planned, the answer was no. Samantha mentioned how much of an eye opening experience it was because truly we all have profound transformative relationships with our mums, whether the good kind, or the hard kind.


Samantha says that the inspiration behind #WhatWillYouSay stems from her own experience with her mum. Having been raised by a single mum, Samantha has experienced our differing relationships with our moms as we grow older. From toddler years of egocentricity and wanting closeness, to teen years of wanting distance and now, finds herself with a child of her own and depending on her mum even more.

ECHO has been around since 1999, working with brands like Lululemon to create compelling stories that mean something to the brands and their fans.  Part of why ECHO started is also tied to Samantha’s life experiences. Her grandmother lost her long term memory after an operation and she was devastated. Creating a memoir for her grandmother was something she had hoped for and then came the question! What if she could help other people record their stories?                                      

So how do you actually create a compelling story that people actually care about?

Samantha shares her years of experience with the art of telling others stories that each story is not perfect.

‘There are no perfect stories, you don’t get inspired by them nor do they exist. Embrace the successes as well as the stumbles – these are the ones that make richer stories’

So, my question to you, this Mother’s Day, #WhatWillYouSay?


I’d love to hear snippets of your story about your relationship with your mums, comment below!


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