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gorgeous view on Oahu North Shore Hawaii beach

Hawaii holds a special place in my heart.

I love the sea, sand, sun and salt in my hair.

I share my experience staying at The Royal Hawaiian, and in this post, I want to share all the exciting places to visit in Honolulu, Hawaii!

Honolulu is a pretty tourist heavy location. There are tons of mainstream brands and stores through the Waikiki strip and we found ourselves searching for a more authentic Hawaiian experience.

That’s when we decided to rent a car via the hotel, and take a drive to the Oahu North Shore.


Best decision ever


As you drive along towards the North Shore, you will find many cute side markets and stalls along the way.

A cute market stall on the scenic drive to Oahu North Shore

Alternatively, you can plan your day by starting at the Diamond Head Trail. From there, make your way along the island. We didn’t manage to do the Diamond Head when we were there but did take a short stroll around.

Strolling on the Diamond Head Trail in Oahu North Shore Hawaii Fresh pineapples at a stall in Oahu North Shore Hawaii Sipping on fresh coconuts near the Diamond Head Trail on Oahu North Shore Hawaii  

Ps: They sell fresh coconuts and pineapples at the start of the trail. The reason I make note of this is because we were searching EVERYWHERE for them.


Good conversations make food taste even better.

Cute local food stall on the drive to Oahu North Shore Hawaii Cute local food stall on the drive to Oahu North Shore Hawaii

That’s what we thought when we got delicious burgers at a side road street market. We had the best conversation with the cutest Polynesian man. He shared stories of teaching communities hula dancing and shared the stories behind his tattoos.


The beaches in Hawaii are beyond stunning but can have huge crowds, especially in the heavy tourist spots in Waikiki.


The serene and beautiful beaches that rarely have anyone on it was a sight for sore eyes. We did spend quite some time strolling and making friends with a dog at one of the serene beaches. It’s like our own private island (with the exception of the man who was trying to fish)

Gorgeous view of Turtle Baby Resort in Oahu North Shore Hawaii. Sand and ocean

Furthermore, as you drive along, keep an eye out for the Turtle Bay Resort. This is a shout out to all of you Forgetting Sarah Marshall fans!

In addition to that, the Polynesian Cultural Centre is a fabulous place to spend the day at. It’s like Disneyland but for Polynesian Culture. We didn’t get a chance to truly explore the centre due to the time crunch but I hear that you can also enjoy an authentic Luau while there.

Stopped for a hawaiian meal on the drive to the North Shore Oahu

Oh, and Waimea Falls is also along the way! I would allocate a day for Waimea Falls as well to truly experience the park and the falls.


Want a place worthy of slamming the breaks for?

Cute yellow bench at the Sunrise Shack on the way to the North Shore Oahu Hawaii Amazing stuffed papaya full of fresh fruit at The Sunrise Shack on Oahu North Shore Hawaii The must stop cute yellow shack of The Sunrise Shack on the drive to Oahu North Shore Hawaii The must stop cute yellow shack of The Sunrise Shack on the drive to Oahu North Shore Hawaii

That’s the Sunrise Shack for you!

We were driving along the North Shore, looking for food and actually did drive past the cute yellow shack.

Slam on the brakes

Sunrise Shack is an Instagram dream. Not only that, they serve delicious Papaya Bowls and Bullet Coffee!

This dress in the photo is also my go to outfit when traveling to a hot place. It’s cute, versatile and perfect for multiple occasions. See my tips on how to pack for a tropical adventure.


What to Eat in Hawaii?

Sipping on delicious Kona coffee cold brew in Honolulu

Nobu is one of my favourites for sushi!

The girls and I had a fancy dinner out in Nobu and it was hard not to keep ordering the same dishes over and over again. Sushi in Hawaii is divine. If you head to Nobu, Hawaii, get the Yellow Tail and Salmon!


You can’t go to Hawaii without having delicious Poke bowls! Hawaii is filled with Poke Stalls and the best one we ate was in this tiny hole in the wall restaurant. Absolutely delicious!


If you’re a coffee lover, Kona coffee is THE BOMB. More specifically, Kona Nitro Brew is deeeelicious! Head to Kona Coffee Purveyors on the Waikiki Strip.

The perfect Loco Moco from Eggs N Things in Honolulu Hawaii The perfect Loco Moco from Eggs N Things in Honolulu Hawaii

I was eating so many Loco Moco’s. Basically, as many as I could find. It was so beyond delicious. In case you don’t know what they are, I describe it here. Shout out to Eggs ‘n Things.

My girls and I dealing with the wind while enjoying our stuffed Papaya from The Sunshine Shack Admiring the most delicious Acai Bowl found in Honolulu Hawaii

The Acai Bowls I was eating in Hawaii is the best Acai bowls I’ve ever had. Hands down.


I hope this mini guide to travelling in Hawaii helps! I have Maui and Kona on my list for next time!




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