Throwback to Prom Circa 2009

Prom Throwback! This post is in partnership with Melanie Lyne. Though sponsored, all thoughts, opinions and stories are my own.

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It’s not even Throwback Thursday yet but I’m taking you on a time travel excursion, alllll the way back ->hit rewind to 2 0 0 9.

I was a 17 y/o girl whose only care in the world was whether I finished my homework, that my uniform was ironed and that I wouldn’t miss my favourite TV show at 10 pm. Ps: It was a Hong Kong drama, and I watched it by reading the subtitles cause this gal ain’t know no Chinese. Oh, and prom too- I guess.

Prom Wear Prom Wear

I went to high school in Malaysia and Prom- well Prom was prom, nothing too crazy. It was definitely something to look forward to if you’re a senior but not in any way hitting the MAGNITUDE of what prom is here. I remember one of my best friends referring to our senior prom as the closest thing to High School Musical we could get.

Prom Wear

Imagine my utter surprise at how big a deal prom is to high schoolers here! The limos, the extravagant gowns, and oh my gawd.. the PROMPOSALS? I didn’t even know this was a term till I got here!

Prom Wear Prom Wear

I spent most of my senior year worrying more about the huge exam at the end of the year, more so than who I was bringing to prom but that didn’t make it any less special. I bought my dress from a cute street boutique- it was navy blue, made me look tall-er and had a bejewelled neck. On the night of my prom, my dad took me to the hotel and I was filled with excitement when I saw some of my friends pop out of a yellow taxi *oh the extravagance! It was also the first night I wore contact lenses with a full face of makeup- the mini victories!

Prom Wear

Who was my date you ask?

Prom Wear Prom Wear

I had about 10 dates comprising of the best friends you could make in high school. I believe we also traded ‘dates’ as the night progressed. It was a night filled with more eating than my dress could handle, more photos than my phone could handle, my heels came off after the first hour, and some ‘too cool for you to handle’ head bopping and dancing to tunes I can’t remember. It was also booze free because in Malaysia, if it’s dry grad, that’s exactly what it is

It was great

Prom Wear Prom Wear

And while writing this, I am filled with nostalgia and joy because I’m literally visualizing my memories and playing them back as I write this. It was a night to celebrate a huge accomplishment- finishing school, and to celebrate friendships made over those years of growth, and to clink glasses to the years to come!

Prom Wear

So enjoy your prom and be PRESENT! It’s a time to celebrate with the people close to you, and build memories you will always cherish – trust me.


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  • I fell in love with dress on your Instagram post!! The funny thing is that I wore a very similar dress to my prom, except it had an Indian flare!! LOVE IT!

    • Samantha Sito

      LOVE it! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the two piece gowns are coming back!!

  • This is SUCH a stunning outfit! I literally want everything. You’ve styled it so perfectly!


    • Samantha Sito

      Aww thank you so much Liz!

  • Ariel Theresa

    Girl, you look stunning!! I love this dress on you! Your prom sounds pretty fun!! I was always really jealous of these promposals. I want one lol I asked a guy i worked with to be my prom date hahah it was fun, but I don’t think NM can hang with other places for prom. It was just a dance.

    • Samantha Sito

      Haha, yes I have heard several promposal stories- they are extremely elaborate! And kudos to you gal- good for you 🙂

  • I actually didn’t end up going to our senior prom when I finished high school and went straight onto travelling! You look so amazing and the embroidery detail on the dress is just DIVINE!!

    Helen xx

    • Samantha Sito

      Thanks so much Helen, the dress is stunning! Oh wow, that’s equally amazing, if not more!

  • Omg you look beyond stunning! Love all these images and the embroidery on your dress is so beautiful. Prom feels like a long time ago for me so I barely remember anything besides the fact that I wore a purple dress LOL xo, sharon

    • Samantha Sito

      Hahaha, yea it’s been a while for me too! Great memories to have though. I bet the purple was stunning on you

  • You look so stunning!! I remember our College leavers ball (I called it prom but it wasn’t officially called that) it wasn’t a big affair but it was at a lovely hotel with the nice dresses. I remember wearing a big pale pink satin backless A-Line dress and I felt like a Princess! Good times!

    Ellie |

    • Samantha Sito

      We all deserve to feel like princesses! That gown sounds incredible- would love to see a picture x

  • Kandja Abigail Sylla

    Wow your prom experience is really worth remembering! This type of events are definitely big for us during those times. You look superb in that dress btw. I so love the unique embroidered details. Thanks for the share Samantha! xx

  • Oh what a lovely prom dress, you look amazing babe! I am drooling over the floral details of the top, soo pretty.

    xx, Kusum |