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Things to do in Toronto – Travel Guide

I managed to cross yet another destination off my travel bucket list! In the 5 years that I’ve been in Canada, it is my first time visiting the East Coast so you can imagine my excitement. Here are some of my highlights and things to do in Toronto for you to add to your list the next time you visit!

We stayed at this lovely hotel, Marriot on Bloor Street which happened to be in a very central location surrounded by high end shopping, cafes and restaurants. What I love most about travelling so far is that all my senses are just awakened due to being in a new place. Everything I see is seen through fresh (often touristy) eyes and child-like excitement!

What struck me about Toronto is how amazingly beautiful all the buildings are- the brick, the grit, the architecture reminds me so much of how I imagine England to look like. Every home and building has a strong sense of character. If you’re more into a tropical backdrop, check out my Hawaii Travel post!

Bloor Street Shopping

I would definitely recommend you staying on Bloor Street because it’s so central! We walked around the area close to the hotel and there were streets that went on and on- you could find everything from smaller cafes and specialty restaurants nestled in between random shops.

Also can I just say, that the University of Toronto is just beyond stunning! We also didn’t get to visit the Bata Shoe Museum or Casa Loma but these are definitely on the list for next time.

Night Life 

There’s a lot of life in Toronto! We didn’t get to experience it at it’s peak, we had a good time bar hopping on a Monday night! I was also pleasantly surprise to see how many people were out and about on a Monday night (also because there was a Blue Jays game).

If you are planning on bar hopping:

  • Start early at Ossington Street. But keep note that it’s popular with locals and is quieter on weekday nights.

The Entertainment District was bumpin’! I loved it- the streets were filled with stores ranging from boutiques to restaurants to clothing chains and bars. We could see the CN Tower in all it’s beauty and the streets were bustling with bars and restaurants. We found ourselves eating the best chicken strips and Caesars! The buzzing night life reminds me of my trip to Japan! 

Toronto Zoo

Basically one of the highlights of my life- no exaggeration!

If you know me personally, you’d know that I love pandas. Please count the number of panda plushies I own and you’d get a pretty good idea how obsessed I am. So, imagine how nuts I went when I finally saw a panda in real life for the very first time.




I was on the verge of tears and was totally fine running through the crazy Toronto downpour just so I could see them not once, but twice.

Worth it.

But yes, if you ever get the chance, visit the Toronto Zoo! It’s a whole lot of family fun.

Subway System & Uber

The transit system in Toronto matches Vancouver’s in my opinion. I’m just in love with the convenience of UBER. C’mon Vancouver, get with it!

If you’re taking transit:

Take some time to understand the map system especially if you’ve never tried it. That said, it’s overall pretty self explanatory.

Kensington Market

Okay, so I LOVED Kensington Market. There was so so much character to it:

Streets filled with music, food (a lot of Mexican restaurants), outdoor patios and more food.

The narrow streets filled with people and cars reminded me so much of Jonker Street in Malaysia. I think that played a huge part in why I loved it!

In a nutshell, we definitely have more to see and 3 days was not enough!

But that just means we’ll be back 😉


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  1. August 30, 2017 / 3:17 pm

    Oh my goodness, that Panda Bear is SO cute! I would of probably been on the verge of tears too.
    Looks like you had such an amazing trip. Love your black and white skirt – so pretty.
    Lyndi xo

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