If you’re up for it: The Ultimate Birthday Checklist

Many things come with turning a quarter of a century. I’ve heard instances of people feeling old, people feeling indifferent, people feeling grateful, and the list goes on. Quarter Life Crisis they say, the tipping point where you leave your early 20s and enter the realm/peak of womanhood. Do my ovaries feel any more vibrant? Nah.  

Birthdays are like checkpoints that remind you to be grateful and to celebrate you! How you choose to do that is completely up to your personality. I’m 25 today, and if I can sum up what it feels like in one word, it’s Excited. That’s my word.

This year so far has been over-flowing with new opportunities and I’m just beaming with excitement for what else to come! That being said, in planning some birthday festivities, I hit a wall! I just didn’t know how to celebrate. Hence, I’ve created the Ultimate Birthday Checklist that you can incorporate into your birthday festivities as well! This list is inspired by my experience of being too occupied to plan, but falling into perfect celebration.


I mean, if you’re up for it, here are some ideas for the Ultimate Birthday Checklist!

1. Unleash your creativity

Some backstory on this shoot: I have always loved balloons. Not because they’re fun, but because of the whimsical, carefree aura it gives. Give someone a balloon, and you instantly lit up the eyes, and create a completely different impression.

25 is a milestone in many ways for me, and I wanted to portray who I was through the combined creativity of John Yoo and Lauren (Twist Parties). We chose to shoot on a rooftop because of less foot traffic and even the colour combinations used were carefully thought out.

We went with a colour combination of red, gold, white and pink! Red for passion and confidence to seize your goals, Pink for embracing femininity, Gold for elegance and luxury and White for the blank canvas where every idea starts

2. Climb a mountain

3. Write yourself a letter (it’s very therapeutic)

4. Watch the sunset by the beach (and do the shimmy)

5. Pamper yourself to a spa day- I recommend Scandinave Spa, Whistler

6. Have your cake and eat it (because a birthday’s not complete without cake)- I personally love fruit cake

7. Do something that scares you.. like Bungee Jump

8. Feast on a seafood buffet- Holy Crab is Holy Good!

9. Make A Scrap Book of Memories

10. Start an Instagram Hashtag for yourself! No shame right? #SamsationalTurns25


Balloon Skirt created by Twist Parties

Photos by IAmJohnYoo

Glasses: Prada via Eyestar Optical #partner

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  • Salma Dinani

    Happy Birthday and great checklist!

    • Samantha Sito

      Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • Jessica Luxe

    You definitely need to try bungee jumping, such a thrill!

    • Samantha Sito

      Omg, I’m so terrified of heights