It’s 2019! At the start of the year, I always make a couple New Year’s Resolutions because I love it! It helps me focus my energy on long term goals, and gives me perspective at the end of the year.

That said, I do find that I tend to revert to my old habits after a couple weeks/months. Resolutions can feel like a waste of time to some but I find that it works for me, if I really commit. Besides, it can be a great way to invest in yourself and make a change.

This year, I’m determined to make my New Year’s Resolutions stick! I want to share some of my tips to doing that with you!

5 Tips to Make Your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions Stick:


Be Realistic With Your Resolutions

I know we all wish we could be super fit in the least amount of time spent, but if you want to succeed and not feel overwhelmed with your resolutions, you need to make them achievable!

Working on my fitness with kettle balls at Steve Nash Fitness Club as my New Year's Resolution

Setting real steps that can help you progress is KEY.


This year, I want to simply feel healthier and get moving. I’ve never had a set gym routine so to start, I’ve committed to going to the gym at least once a week! It’s a small goal to start with but sets me up to reach my overall fitness goals! 


Shout out to Steve Nash Fitness Clubs for helping me get there

Break Down The Steps To Achieve The Resolutions You Set

You won’t achieve your goals overnight so it’s important to plan out a timeline of how to reach your big goal.


Break it down into smaller steps and keep yourself accountable when you complete each task.

Practicing some self care with a beautiful view of Seattle as my New Year's Resolution

Make smaller milestones to check off each week and before you know it, your New Year’s Resolution will become a new habit.

Don’t forget to actually track your progress on paper or an app! Putting your resolution down on paper makes it real!


Reinforce Good Habits

Your New Year’s Resolutions might be trying to fix a bad habit.


The best way to get rid of a bad habit is to create a good one!


And to reinforce those good habits, you’ll need to reward yourself.

Being positive and smiling more as a New Year's Resolution

Our brains are wired to keep motivated through rewards and treats. Find a healthy reward system that works for you. A healthy mindset helps create a healthy body too 


For example: If you meditate 5 days in a row you get to treat yourself to your favourite coffee from Starbucks at the end of the week.


My favourite? Definitely a Latte with Almond Milk. Mmmmm. A little treat won’t set you back. It’s all about balance.


Set Yourself Up For Success

Make it easier to reach your New Year’s Resolutions by making them work for you.


Incorporate your goals into your environment so that you have no excuses to not reach those milestones. Creating an environment that supports your goals is key.

Lifting those weights at Steve Nash Fitness Club New Year's Resolutions

For example: Something as simple as packing your gym bag and leaving it right at the front door can remind you to hit the gym that day. Or having sticky notes around the house to remind you of your resolutions help too!


Some even say that cute gym clothes help you work out more 


If your resolution is to travel more, start setting up budgets to help you save money! This was my resolution last year and I traveled to three places on my bucket list: Hawaii, Japan and Osoyoos!


Accountability by Getting Your Friends Involved

They say the best way to reach your goals is accountability.

Staying active as part of my New Year's Resolutions

Get your friends or family involved and tell them what your resolutions are!


You’re more likely to stick to your goals if you say them out loud and have someone encouraging you. Or if you decide to share your resolutions with your IG family, having all your followers keep you accountable is a way to do it too!


Another way is to make your resolutions into friendly competition.


Whoever reaches their New Year Resolutions gets free dinner courtesy of the ones who may need a little more support.


So grab a friend or two and start that New Year’s Resolution Group Chat!


Lastly, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Give yourself some credit, you’re making big changes and don’t feel bad if you fall behind.

Everyday can be a new start. 2019 is our year!


Best of luck in your goals and happy 2019 loves,

xoxo Sam



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