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We all want to make a good first impression. But how do we make a Powerful First Impression with eyewear? It could be for a networking event, job interview, or date! In all events, you want to make a lasting impression- and a great one at that!

I’ve worn glasses for as long as I can remember. The first few were chosen by my mum, and had a very 90s flair to it. Circular, with dark blue frames- to thick white frames- to the frameless lens, to my now rectangular, rather hipster black frames.

My glasses have become a part of my identity.


This post is in partnership with Eyestar Optical– the leading carrier for luxury designer eyewear. All thoughts and opinions are my own.   #EyestarPartner | All Photos are taken by Katja Martin Photography 

Your eyewear plays an important role in complementing and enhancing your features and personality. The right eyewear can provide empowerment and confidence, and this can pour over to the other aspects of your life

There is a certain straightening of shoulders, a certain spring to the step, a boost of confidence that comes with wearing the right eyewear!


An excerpt from Psychology Today, written by Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Link

“The Glasses you wear can make others view you as more honest, trustworthy, intelligent, reducing your threat level, gives you more personality and is attached to a higher social class.”

Walk into a room and almost always, the first thing people look at is your face. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and your eyewear is almost like the gateway to those windows.

Are you someone fashion forward, are you conservative, are you intelligent, are you nice?

Did you know that there is something called ‘nerd defence’, where defence is advised to wear glasses to alter the perception of the jury in accessing your personality based on your appearance in court?

In the first 10-15 seconds of meeting someone, your mind is subconsciously categorizing the types of personality to attach to the person you’re talking to. We tend to talk about power suits and how your outfit is a reflection of your personality and in the same way, what eyewear you choose to wear can create a powerful first impression on one’s confidence, personality and style. What’s interesting is that not only does it reflect your personality, but it can also shape your psychology!

I find that you can read a ton of articles of what frames give you that ‘power’ look and feel, but nothing beats trying them on yourself. When I put on these pairs from Eyestar Optical, I just KNEW. You feel a certain sense of ‘ah this is the one’ when you look in the mirror. When I try on different types of eyewear styles, it’s like I’m expanding and experimenting with different personalities- almost like acting.

Keep reading, you’ll have the chance to win a pair of your own!


Nothing says fashion forward chic more than Cat Eyes am I right? These red Fendi Paradyes are modern and elegant, and adds the extra heat to an outfit. Red as a colour is one of passion and strength and at first glance, I find that these Cat eyes are purrrfect for a strong first impression.

I am particularly fond of these more casual Dior Split Sunglasses because of the reflective quality! Wearing sunglasses creates a sense of mystery and gives off a certain impression of intimidation that might work to your advantage depending on your situation. I feel more carefree, relaxed and stylish in these!


Just like the Colour Series, the most important element when making a powerful first impression should come from within, but that doesn’t mean your clothes and eyewear can’t complement and enhance your confidence and give you that extra oomph!

Love these frames as much as I do?

You can purchase them at Eyestar Optical locations, and through the links below! Be sure to use the coupon code ‘SAMSITO30’ for 30% off on select* Sunglasses (Code Valid till June 30)

Ray-Ban Eye Glasses

Fendi Paradyes

Dior Split Sunglasses

And now for a SPECIAL TREAT for you! With Eyestar Optical, we want YOU to create a powerful first impressions with a new pair of Ray-Bans !!

How to WIN?

Watch for my Instagram post on how you can win!

Complete Rules, Terms & Conditions can be seen here:


Photos are captured by Katja Martin Photography 

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