One of my favourite topics of conversation with friends or strangers is the extent of how powerful our mindset is. How you think and shape your mindset plays a big role in your overall health and wellbeing. I’ve been striving to practice the art of positivity every day in my life since I was a little girl and truly believe in reaping what you sow.

Have you ever had moments when things are going really well, and you feel positivity surround you and things just get better?

On the flipside,

Have you ever experienced moments where things weren’t going that great and you tried your very best to put a positive spin to things (or not at all)?

Chances are, you’ve experienced both!

I’ve had plenty of those moments as well but I have been getting better at being aware of my mindset in whatever situation and choose consciously to practice positivity!

I want to share a couple tips that help me consistently choose to be Positive!

Letting myself feel happy and positive in a bright yellow top on my couch

  • In the words of Queen Beyonce ~ I only spend 1 day to feel sorry about myself

I found that it’s extremely important to feel whatever emotion you’re feeling. If you’re happy, FEEL HAPPY and enjoy it. On the flipside, if you’re sad or unhappy, allow yourself to feel the emotion and understand it. I’ve been holding to that and if I need a day to feel sorry for myself, I do but then I pick myself back up and choose to be positive instead!

  • Music is a Powerful Weapon

Music has always been a powerful tool for me whatever emotion I’m feeling. When I’m sad, I find picking up a guitar and singing some tunes help SO MUCH in bringing back the positivity.

The point is, music is a creative outlet to release frustration, but also to celebrate joy and positivity! Whatever your creative outlet is, whether it’s art or dance, find something you can do to help lift your spirits and spread positive vibes!

Playing the guitar and making music is one of the ways I practice positivity and self care  Practicing positivity by being silly and blowing bubble gum

  • ..So are Podcasts and Ted Talks

I love listening to Podcasts and Ted Talks when I’m at work with my headphones in because many a time, I either feel uplifted, motivated, inspired or enlightened!

There are a variety of Ted Talks especially talking about positivity, mindset, mental health and more, and I recommend finding some of your favourites.

  • Exercise is good for mental health

I should probably take my own advice since I exercise very little but in the moments that I do, exercise does incredible wonders for the body and mind!

Some of my friends mentioned that they can’t start their day on the right foot without their morning workout, which is very common and makes total sense! When I do Yoga, I feel so in tuned with my body, my thoughts and it can be an incredible factor in shifting your mindset and makes you more positive because of all the endorphins it releases!

  • The Company of People you Keep around you Matter

Have you ever heard about how the company you keep reflect the person you are? We all want to be friends but I find that the people I choose to surround myself with, and engage with on the regular basis play such a part in my mindset and how I view the world and my life. So, choose wisely!

  •  Identify Negative Thoughts and Choose Positivity

Awareness is a HUGE thing for me. I mean, you can’t fix something you’re not aware of right? Similar to fixing a bad habit, opting to be positive can be a habit. I found that nowadays, I’m definitely more attuned to realizing where my thoughts seem to go and then rectifying it into something positive!

  • Prayer

Most of my life I’ve placed a lot of importance in the power of prayer through the good and the bad in my life. I find prayer to be uplifting and joyful and it has played a big part in bringing positivity into the centerfold of my life.

Taking a walk in nature always helps me stay positive

  • Have a Happiness Jar

Okay, so I used to have a Happiness Jar where I would put little notes of what amazing things every day that I was grateful for! That said, I had way too many things to put in the jar (which is a GREAT thing), but that also meant I got lazy to keep it up haha. Though, I definitely recommend you try it out! 

  • Practice Self Care

When I was blogging full time for a year, this was the one thing I can safely say I neglected. Self care is more than just bubble baths and massages, it’s about allocating time every day to take care of your mind and body, your social relationships and not feeling sorry about it


I hope all these tips are helpful to you guys in one way or another to shift your mindset and to practice positivity! Let me know in the comments if you have any tips of your own as well!

Till next time xx


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