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What is this post about? It’s about finding YOU an

excuse to reward yourself!


That’s right- keep reading.

michael hill

Everyone holds themselves at a different level of expectation. Growing up, I remember getting mini rewards from my parents every time I studied hard and got good grades in school. The rewards ranged from an ice cream, to a special pencil I wanted (yes, I used pencils when I was in school), to words of encouragement.


In university, I learned that intrinsic motivation (the drive to accomplish something from within) is stronger than extrinsic motivation (getting a material reward for accomplishing something). Linking the two together, I think I was brought up to strive to accomplish goals firstly for intrinsic purposes but also not to neglect the joy of rewarding yourself with material goods- especially if you’ve been saving up.

michael hill michael hill

As we get older, the levels of when we have accomplished something vary- we hold ourselves to different standards, and might sometimes overlook giving ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. That’s why I make it a point to reward myself every now and then. This Michael Hill diamond, mini hoop earrings and silver bracelet was my self-reward!

Rewarding yourself also provides mental and physical health benefits- joy, pride, a mental hug! Though bear in mind that buying yourself something every week because you lasted from Mon-Fri probably won’t mean the same thing, that might just make you a shopaholic.

michael hill

For all the hard work you do- irrespective of the line of work- everyone deserves a lil’ reward, so don’t forget to treat yourself 🙂 


Do you want to treat yourself with the pieces I’m wearing? Find the links to the items here:




This post is in partnership with Michael Hill. Though sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are solely my own.

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