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Disclaimer: there might be a ton of escape puns throughout. Proceed with caution.

When you get to escape the city with a rad Ford Escape, you make the most of your mini getaway. My boyfriend and I started the day bright and early, got some McDonalds because that’s the ultimate morning sin, and headed up the Sea to Sky Highway for a snowy adventure in Whistler. I’m used to driving my smaller, compact hatchback so having the amount of space we had in the back seat (the car fits 5) was a lot of fun.


It got me thinking- similar to how we choose our clothing in the morning, from the colours of what we wear that inadvertently describes us, do the cars we drive also reflect an aspect of who we are?


Does the car we drive provide the escape we need?


Yes, maybe.

We are drawn to purchasing items that speak to us, and your vehicle is a great way to represent the different stages of your life. A vehicle that appealed to you in your teens might be different than a vehicle in your 20s! For me, I love a vehicle that is easy to drive, efficient with gas, has style and gives me the confidence on the road! In short, I like larger, sturdier cars with a flat butt.

Ford-Canada Ford-Canada

So back to our city-escape, it was an extremely enjoyable drive up and I want to share some of my favourite features of the Ford Escape!

I’m a big fan of butt warmers (I think this is a must have for all vehicles), but oh my, this car had a Heated Steering Wheel which made the chilly drive up much more relaxing.

The Push to Start ignition was a great feature as well! I’m a big fan of convertibles and so I loved the Sun Roof!

On the practicality side, the Ford Escape has sensored side mirrors that blink when vehicles are in close proximity to notify you. This is a fantastic feature especially with cars in your blind spot.

The Ford Escape is an All Wheel Drive which is fantastic for Vancouver and it’s weather unpredictability! When we were heading up, it was a lovely, dry day, but the roads were still slushy due to the snow storm a couple days prior. Definitely felt much safer driving the Escape up.

Fuel efficiency is also a top importance for me! I used to transit all the time but now I enjoy driving much more, and so having a vehicle that is good on gas is great financially. We started with a full tank of gas, and after about 4-5 hours driving both ways, we still had about half a tank left!

Ford-Canada Ford-CanadaFord-CanadaFord-Canada

The first place we hit up on the mountain was the Scandinave Spa, and it was somewhere I’ve been wanting to visit for the longest time. As advised, we did the whole hot bath-cold bath-sauna/steam room in 3 cycles which was amazingly relaxing, and then proceeded to a fun snowmobiling adventure with The Adventure Group. Totally recommend it- it was my first time and it’s such a great date idea! Watch my vlog here :

On the drive down, we both said that we felt like future soccer parents because of the amount of leg room in the car! There’s just so much space for everything! It made the entire drive comfortable, and the view heading up and down Whistler made it the perfect day!


Big thanks to Ford Canada for the ride!

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