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Can Fashion increase Fitness? 

A couple months ago, I noticed that I was starting to feel very, how do I put this, hormonal.

I felt frustrated, stressed out, flabby, and came to the conclusion that I should probably get back into some sort of exercise routine. See, when I was living in university, I was way more fit than now because I’d have this routine of taking the bus 20 minutes down the mountain to go for my bi-weekly hot yoga class. Now, even going for a jog seems like a huge hassle of putting on my gym wear to sweat out some toxins.


Why was it so difficult to think about putting on my gym clothes?

Is it because when you put on clothes that symbolize an activity, you make an internal commitment? Or does it symbolize a routine?

I decided to get back into the routine of working out and have been very good with my 6 minute HIIT workouts every morning. It doesn’t take too much time out of my day and is a short enough commitment that I won’t keep making excuses to get out of it! One thing I try to do each morning, is to put on cute workout clothes.


Sound funny to you? 

See I did some reading and came across the psychological term ‘Enclothed Cognition’. Similar to how wearing red can make you feel sexier, wearing workout gear that makes you feel good/look good makes you more motivated and even, dare I say it, excited to workout! You think with both your brain, as well as your body.

Going on the idea that you are what you wear, a simple theory that a lot of stylists take into account when clearing your wardrobe for you, is that when you wear clothes that look good, you end up actually…feeling good, maybe even great!


If you’ve followed my blog/Instagram, you’d know that I’m no fitness junkie. Heck, I need to be dragged out to exercise. But, (and it’s okay to laugh), I get excited to work out because I’m pumped to put my pink sports bra on!


A lot of you have been telling me how much you love my workout gear and have been asking where I got it! I call this set my ‘exercise primer’.


This breathable, comfy workout set is from RYU (Respect Your Universe) and I L O V E it! The tagline for RYU is #Beautiful Tough and that doesn’t limit the idea to only working out, but also living a life where you externally and internally love every aspect of yourself.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more Fitness-inspired posts on how to get back into a healthy lifestyle of loving your insides and outsides, for those of you (like myself), who need that extra push 😉


Comment below and let me know what clothes you have in your closet that make you excited to start the day!

You can also read up on Enclothed Cognition and more on how what you wear can significantly affect your psychological processes:


Positive Psychology

NY Times 

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