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I recently broke my Vegas Virginity after 25 years and visited the much popular destination, i.e: party central. Prior to the trip, I planned out a brief itinerary of the top locations that we were hoping to photograph with the vision in mind of breaking out of the typical ‘party’ shots. The goal was to highlight Vegas in a different light than what I assumed it to be through movies and stories that I’ve heard.

You really can’t go on a tropical vacation without the right eyewear, am I right? To prepare for the trip and the various activities I had planned, I brought 3 pairs of stunning eyewear that not only complemented my outfits but added the extra oomph I needed for Vegas.


So here it is, The Bloggers Travel Guide to Picturesque Spots in Vegas!



This post is sponsored by Eyestar Optical, and accommodation in Vegas was provided by The Palazzo Las Vegas. With that said, all thoughts and opinions are solely my own #partner | Photography by Thomas Bullock


Pick a Hotel that can provide a Picturesque backdrop

Once we landed in Vegas and drove through The Strip, it was like sensory overload! The Strip is filled with lines of hotels and clubs, and just covered with Billboards. Choosing a good hotel is important because you want to be able to go back to a room of comfort and The Palazzo was the perfect option for us. The architecture on the interior and exterior is just absolutely STUNNING. I felt transported to Venice! Another place with stunning architecture and views is Japan and Hawaii! 


Walk through The Palazzo and you’ll find a line of restaurants and some are pretty picturesque! The Dorsey has amazing drinks and a cute birdcage structure that act as a great frame for creative photos as well!

These gorgeous Chloe Carlinas sunglasses was a great fit for the summer heat. Chloe eyewear is known for the slightly oversized, classic frame, and I thought that it was a representation of the Venetian feel that The Palazzo décor exudes.


Explore outside of The Strip – Seven Magic Mountains

I found that venturing outside of The Strip definitely created a complete 360 degree impression change of Vegas.

We ventured out of the hustle and bustle of Vegas at 6 AM (yes, when everyone was just coming back from a night out) on a 30 minute drive to the haute desert! I would recommend that if you do want to see the desert for photos, to go in the early morning for milder temperatures and no crowds. We could literally stand in the centre of the road and not worry. Although, if you want to see the colourful art installation for pleasure, going later in the day would just mean it’s hotter 😉


I’m wearing the stunning Versace Glam Cat Eyes, complete with metallic studs and the iconic Medusa logo. It’s also an Asian fit with the double bridge structure. There’s something chic about reflective lenses, and creates additional depth with the desert looking back. If you prefer a much more lush backdrop, check out my Hawaii travel post!

Explore outside of the Strip – Fremont Street Experience


Okay, this was an experience!

Fremont Street (otherwise known as Old Las Vegas) is also outside The Strip. In my words, it’s a lot grungier, less polished and more alternative. I have to admit that a portion of it was SO FUN. You look up and you see people zip lining above you, and it’s basically a HUGE party with 4 stages of older men with fab luscious hair rocking out! Although I think this is a first Friday of the month sorta deal.

But it creates a cool backdrop if you’re into the bright lights, outdoor party vibe for photos! I found Japan nightlife also having quite the party vibe!


When in Rome, do as the Romans do

Or in this case, when in Vegas.. Pool & Party!

You can’t really experience Vegas completely without hitting up the pool. We ventured out to The Palazzo Pool Deck and it was GORGEOUS. Beautiful décor of warm colours, pool cabanas and connected pool decks between the Palazzo Hotel and Venetian Hotel provided a tropical resort backdrop for my swimwear shots!

Here I’m wearing a classic Audrey Hepburn inspired, Versace sunglasses to balance out the heat of colours by the pool, and to accentuate the frills and classic monochromatic tone and flair of the outfit!

Use what you have in-suite!

Sometimes what you have in front of you can be photographed to create a different  perspective!  Our bedroom suite was so beautiful, we had to document the aspects of the room that spoke to us! So don’t be afraid to look around what you have in front of you, and brainstorm how you can create a different viewpoint from it.

Explore The Strip with fresh eyes

Walking along The Strip to see the shops and restaurants are actually a huge part of the fun as well! These amazing shots were captured as we explored Vegas and played in the sun!

So the next time you make a trip out to Vegas and want to capture the essence of Nevada in a different light, look around you- walk The Strip and document it! The essence of Vegas is that every corner is different. I saw a little corner that is inspired by New York, another end that exuded Paris, and our hotel that felt like Greece so there are definitely different ways of capturing it!


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Photography by Thomas Bullock

Hotel- The Palazzo Las Vegas

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  1. Kate Amar
    August 16, 2017 / 5:31 am

    Great post! I’ve been to Vegas so many times, but you definitely made me think about it in a different way. Love the suits too!



    • Samantha Sito
      August 16, 2017 / 9:22 am

      That’s so great to hear Kate! It was my first time and definitely a fun experience! Thanks for reading x

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