About Me

One of my favourite dresses to showcase more about me and my passions

Hi guys! Thanks so much for landing on my humble blog! While you’re here, I’d love to share more about myself and how this blog came to be!

I started this blog about 5 years back when I first came to Canada from Malaysia for university. I remember vividly sitting in my dorm room, under 3 layers of clothing (because boyy, was it cold) but there was a fire within me that wanted to start something of my own on the internet. The blog was initially created as a place to document my journey towards becoming an actress. As it seems, acting wasn’t for me, but blogging and television sure was!

Since it’s inception back in 2011, this blog has grown into a hub for sharing what I love in the realm of Fashion, and meshing that with every day Life. I love to share my thoughts and my life with all of you, and I’ve been extremely fortunate to have this platform to do so. I’ve covered major events in Vancouver, Canada and internationally. This blog has allowed me to venture out to various countries for Fashion Week and to explore and share my experiences with you.

One of my passions is traveling and exploring fashion is something that inspires me

In a funny way, though acting didn’t work out, this blog led me to find my PASSION in life- which was television! I’ve gotten the chance to share my knowledge and thoughts on style, beauty, travel and more through various television appearances. As well, I’ve been lucky to be able to hold the microphone on both ends and have graced several news channels as a Field Reporter for Entertainment.

Fact about me: being on television is something I love to do doing a television segment on breakfast television working on a television set, my passion

As of lately, I have also begun to really travel and explore the world as part of the job. I find that as I travel, I learn a little bit more about myself and who I am. Travel is truly an eye opening and enriching experience and I hope to share more about that with you, and to use this blog as a resource for you to find inspiration, motivation, somewhere to relate, and lastly to be entertained đŸ™‚


Thanks so much for supporting my blog, and I hope you enjoy the content,