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17 thoughts on a 17 hour flight


Shifting anxiously from butt cheek to butt cheek, I pretended to be asleep clinging on to my sister sitting beside me as we went through possibly the worst and most terrifying turbulence. It was like the sky was playing tennis with the aircraft, yet I was weirdly comforted by the thought that if we did go down, I’d have family with me.

Okay so morbid half-conscious thoughts aside, here is how I travelled an excruciating 17 hours across the globe. Here were my 17 Thoughts during the 17 hour flight! 

Hour 1 to 1 1/2

I usually am a deep sleeper and can pretty much fall asleep anywhere, even with noise. I call it my special gift, especially during long haul flights. 2 am flights always work in my favour as I fall asleep right before the plane takes off.

I’d love to make this more interesting and say that I had the most amazing dream during the flight but to be honest, I had no dreams (any I could recall anyway).

Hour 2 to 8 

I felt rudely awaken by people wanting to feed me at 3 am (PST time). No, I don’t want to eat anything right now- especially not ice cream. Just let me sleep before I can’t.

Hour 9

Chicken congee or eggs & sausages for breakfast? Stomach still feels weird with this intrusive food at uncanny hours.

But, chicken congee it was.

Hour 10

In retrospect, I should have probably spent the time editing the 7 videos I purposefully stock pilled to do on the plane. But instead of reaching down to grab my laptop, I started watching..


Hour 11

Still watching Zootopia. Gosh I love sloths and their slow facial expressions.

Hour 12 -ish

In-flight announcements are interrupting my Zootopia experience. Although my butt is quite happy that we are slowly descending into a smooth stop into HKIA.

Hour 12-14

Found out that our 1 hour layover is now 2 ish hours. Ate 3 Salmon Sandwiches, the most amazing Hazelnut coffee and a bagel. Oh and I bought kitkats and chips.

Hour 14 1/2 to 17

Butt still hurts but aha!

Read up on some TV pitch proposals and then proceeded to watch the other half of Zootopia

So there you have it friends! Although, I do recommend doing some squats and leg stretches prior to getting on board. Oh and invest in a neck pillow. 

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