Let’s talk about that checkered mini skirt that you saw on my Instagram account not too long ago that I mentioned barely covered me bottom?

Well I still wear it out, only I’ve begun to pair it differently so that I can still feel comfortable moving around. I believe and have begun to implement new shopping strategies to make sure that I make the most of what I already have in my wardrobe.

Took up this challenge #1piece2ways with my blogger babe, Michelle. You can see the second way she styled it HERE

One Piece, Two Ways

I have begun to learn that one piece of clothing has the potential of being styled in two or more ways and exploring that can really expand your wardrobe!


The importance of having a comprehensive wardrobe and how to shop effectively for pairing and never running out of things to wear is definitely a habit that needs to be continuously practiced.

Truth be told, I love this checkered mini skirt. The print is great for casual days out, to wear to the office and for blogger events.


I’ve joined forces with one of my friends, Michelle, whom I met via Instagram (surprising to some, but yes you can make friends on IG). Michelle challenged me to a 1 Piece 2 Ways challenge and talk about great timing, because I love being inspired by how other ladies put together their clothing. You can learn a lot about a person by how they dress, let me tell you that!

Here is a teaser of how Michelle styled her skirt:

You can read more on how she styled her look on her blog -> RunwayOnTheGo and via Instagram!


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